Affiliate Program


We have a very simple Affiliate Program for those who want to share our living book and Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Server rentals with others.

30% on all licenses purchased by people you directly share with.

20% on all licenses purchased by the people YOUR people directly share with.


To qualify for our affiliate program, you must order the hard copy of "The Cryptocurrency Mining Bible - The Truth is Good Enough" from Amazon and send a picture of you holding it to us through our Support Ticket System in the Affiliate Program section of your back office.

You may also check the button during signup to authorize us to take the Amazon Book price plus shipping to your location plus a $20 administration fee from your accumulated daily coin portion once sufficient balance exists. 

As soon as sufficient balance exists, we will procure the book for you and ship it to your address.

Should you check this box, you are able to earn affiliate bonuses immediately, and you can always order the book yourself directly and uncheck the box before your daily portion of coins has accumulated enough to cover the total fee.

The % are of PV, NOT retail or wholesale price.

Get it from or here for

You also have the ability in your back office to send your affiliate commissions and/or coins to other members, or as a gift certificate for a friend or associate to get involved even if they do not have BTC.

You can choose to withdraw your earnings in BTC through CoinPayments.


(Sorry we do not allow FREE Affiliate signups, you must at least purchase the Cryptocurrency Mining Bible to be an affiliate)