Join, the world's first Cloud Mining server rental company with optional Don't "CRY" Purchase Protection Plans


We make it easy - We provide you with Hashpower from our proprietary amalgamated hashpower servers and pools. Get started with a 1000 Day Crypto Cloud Mining Server Rental, your first daily portion of coin and token amalgamation converted to Bitcoin will be the 2nd day after your first full mining day. Mining Days Start at 11pm PST, coin and token distributrions are usually done the following day by noon.



We take care of the hardware and operations, you simply pay a daily maintenance fee. Enjoy the fun of regular coin transfers without the hassle, heat and noise of running your own mining server. All you do is select which coins to mine with each type of Hashpower we have each week.


Need peace of mind? Our Don't "Cry" purchase protection plans allow you to rest easy knowing even if your rental servers becomes non profitable for 30 days and is cancelled, you will get back your purchase price minus your mining coin transfers to date.


You get daily coin transfers based upon the size of virtual server you have rented from us to your wallet the 2nd day after your first full mining day. You then tell US how often you wish to have transfers done directly to YOUR PRIVATE BTC wallet.


ASIC Antminer Colocation Services

Trapped Miners? Our Fees are often offset by our Lower Electricity prices. If you have miners dying on the shelf waiting for Electricity, we can help you monetize the wait vs cry over the increasing difficulty killing your returns as they sit in boxes..


"The Cryptocurrency Mining Bible" is one example of some of the many Living BOOKS we plan to resell in the future. Crypto information changes at lightspeed, you need a trusted information source that keeps up. LIVING BOOKS have a 5 year unlimited upgrade license.


We have a great affiliate program for those who help us spread the word about Purchase "The Cryptocurrency Mining Bible" on Amazon and send us a picture of you holding it, OR opt to have it purchased for you from your Daily Share of mined coins or tokens (a $25.00 Service Fee Applies), and earn 30% of the BV of any Cloud Mining Server Rentals resold directly by you, and 20% of the BV of any sold by your referrals.

Have you always been curious about Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency mining? Want to dip your toes in and see how it feels to enter this exciting world? A Cloud mining server rental is the perfect entry into this wild and wonderful new world of Cryptocurrency. Who knows, after learning with a mining server rental, you may move on to building and/or owning your own mining rig for potentially even more coin accumulation, or become a cryptocurrency trader, or be involved in some other way that amplifies your coins. We welcome you to begin your Cryptocurrency discovery journey with us. Don't forget, our Don't "CRY" purchase protection can help take the fear out of a cryptocurrency server rental being cancelled due to non-profitability.