CryptMin.com is ALL about "The Truth is Good Enough", we also believe strongly in honesty, integrity, and paying your fair share of taxes!

Our founder Dennis M. Wilson's book, "The Cryptocurrency Mining Bible - The Truth is Good Enough" is a great insight into CryptMin.com's foundational thinking. It is available by hard copy on Amazon.ca or here for Amazon.com.

Please NOTE: CryptMin.com is 100% against the concept that Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin etc. are a means of hiding income, or avoiding taxes. As a result, CryptMin.com does ask for full details and light KYC in our process, and WILL report appropriately to any worldwide government agency's information request.

We believe so strongly in the truth and proper knowledge in advance of purchase decisions or at least full disclosure with purchase decisions that we do not allow anybody to purchase a Cloud Mining Contract from us without also buying a Living Book License of, "The Cryptocurrency Mining Bible", you will notice we have conveniently packaged all initial contracts with the book.

You can purchase once you have set up an account with us additional contracts not bundled with the Living Book.