What is Amalgamation Mining?


What does this mean? If you were not aware, there is a literal world wide shortage of mining equipment at the moment. There is also EXTREME volatility of crypto-currency prices and how many coins you can mine of any particular cryptocurrency month to month.

As a result, CryptMin.com is NOT selling a pure Bitcoin Cloud Mining Server Rental, but rather, like Amazon a slice of a "Virtual" server that runs through all the equipment we employ for mining on your behalf. We then convert all the mined coins daily to Bitcoin and transfer them to your wallet.

There are good sides and bad sides to this strategy. There are times when a Bitcoin only Cloud Server Rental would mine MORE coins than say a Litecoin Cloud Server Rental, but then there are times that a Litecoin or Altcoin Cloud Mining Server Rental would pay more than a Bitcoin Rental.

As a result, at times, our mined coin total could be less than a pure Bitcoin Cloud Mining Server rental from other companies, but at times it could be more. We believe in the 1000 day Server Rental time frame it will work out better and more stable.

The big advantage of this strategy is the ability to employ many different machines for Cloud Mining, which means it is easier for us to have Server Rentals available vs. trying to exclusively mine a single coin like Bitcoin which means we are stuck for expansion due to the lack of mining machines available for purchase.

We currently are operating HyperBit L21 Litecoin ASICS, Bitmain Antminer S9 ASICS, and NVIDIA GPU miners in our amalgamated equipement pool we sell Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Server Rentals for.